Printing and copying are the same price.

To copy, simply bring in your hard copies. We are more than happy to make copies for you. You can drop your job off with us, or (if it’s a smaller job) we will make your copies while you wait. We also have a self-serve machine if you need to make the copies yourself. If your job requires 15 minutes or more of labor, a labor charge of $40/hour will apply.

To print, please bring files in on a flash drive (which must be compatible with a PC) or (our preference!) email us at with:

  • the number of copies you want
  • size(s) of pages – options:
    • letter (8.5×11″)
    • legal (8.5×14″)
    • tabloid (11×17″)
  • black & white or color
  • single-sided or double-sided
  • any other instructions (such as stapling packets, 3-hole punch, etc.)
  • your contact information in case we have questions!

We will reply via email when your job is complete.

If you need a price quote before we begin printing, or you would like to see a proof, please ask for this in your email. By emailing in a request, you are agreeing to pay in full for the print job as requested. No refunds are available once a job is completed.

WE RECOMMEND SAVING ALL FILES AS PDF. To convert your file into PDF format, please visit

Printing images?
Please be aware that a resolution of 300 dpi is recommended for printing.
Click here for an explanation of digital image resolution.

Letter or legal (8½ x 11″ / 8½ x 14) – $0.15
Tabloid (11 x 17″) – $0.23
Letter (8½ x 11″) – $0.75
Tabloid (11 x 17″) – $1.50

Special paper:
colored paper – + $0.05
card stock (65 lb) – + $0.05
resume paper – + $0.15

A note about our paper:
We stock only matte regular (24 lb) or card stock (65 lb) paper. Glossy “photo paper” DOES NOT print well in our machines.  We may be able to print on your paper that you bring in to us, as determined on a case-by-case basis.

These are available if you are making over 200 black & white copies or over 30 color copies. Please ask us for an estimate.

Our credit card minimum is $5. Please bring cash if possible. Thank you!